S Corp Election
If you qualify, you can make an S Corp election with the IRS to be treated for tax purposes as a partnership rather than a corporation or LLC. This avoids the double-taxation of having your income as a business holder taxed at your personal level and the corporate profits being taxed at the corporate level. With the S Corp election, everything is taxed at your personal level and all of the profits are merely considered pass through income to the owners. We can take care of this administrative step to save you thousands.

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    One simple mistake can slow down your application or cause you to miss an important deadline. Rather than research and figure out exactly what you need for your entity, let our professionals handle it for you.

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    Order the S Corp election with us and then you can focus on what is important to you your business.

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Enbanc quietly works in the background, my team is now using process to be more productive without even knowing it.

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